New Zephyr is committed to having a secure, efficient, and transparent business evaluation and transaction process, built on a foundation of trust and accountability. 

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the value of preserving your confidentiality, brand, and reputation and will work to secure these throughout the transaction process. Additionally, I will work to align our interests while providing efficiency and flexibility. 

  1. Introductions
    I will get to know you, your business, and your business interests in pursuing a transaction with New Zephyr.

    At the same time, I will introduce myself, my approach, and my business interests. We can sign an NDA or other disclosure documents to preserve mutual confidentiality.


  2. Early Evaluation and Agreement
    If there is mutual alignment in our interests and there seems to be a fit, we can discuss high level terms, pricing, and a path to closing a transaction. 
    We will also conduct early diligence to understand your business, the market, and alignment of the opportunity with New Zephyr's goals.

    I would like to do an in-person visit so we can both build comfort in moving forward. 


  3. Due Diligence
    We conduct a deep analysis of the financial, operational, legal, and competitive position of the business. With your support, we will aim to make this part of the process as efficient and quick as possible with the aim of closing the transaction.


  4. Closing and Transition
    With the backing of New Zephyr's investors and partners, once we are comfortable with the business due diligence we can work to close the transaction quickly and on flexible terms that are aligned to our long-term interests.

    As the new owner, I will work to continue operating the business with the same care as you have put into it and we can structure a transition plan that works for both of us.  

I encourage you to contact me to discuss the approach in more detail.