New Zephyr is an entrepreneurial investment firm seeking to acquire and operate a single business.

“I am an entrepreneur, backed by experienced operators, business leaders, and investors. My goal is to buy a business and, with thoughtful and humble leadership, grow it over the long term”

Priyank Pandey 
Founder and Principal





  • EBITDA or Cash flow $1 million to $5 million

  • EV under $50 million

  • Healthy EBITDA / Cash Flow margins (>15%)

  • History of consistent growth

  • Recurring revenue model

  • Low customer concentration


New Zephyr is backed by a group of investors, operators, and entrepreneurs aligned to New Zephyr's goals and values. 

Anacapa Partners
Operand Group
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Nashton Company
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ARGO Holdings
Vonzeo Capital

James Turner  |  David Dodson  |  Doug Tudor  |  Kirk Riedinger

Chris Larsson  |  Brad Brown  |  Graham Weaver