Selling your business requires significant thought and planning to realize your
long term-personal and financial goals.


I am committed to working with you to help achieve those goals while ensuring ongoing stewardship of your business. 

Our Values

Trust and Transparency​

I believe that open communication and integrity is paramount to and the cornerstone of a successful relationship and transaction. I strive to be transparent throughout the transaction evaluation process and work with you to manage mutual expectations.  


I recognize the impact a small business has on its partners, its employees, and its community. I am committed to acquiring and growing your business over the long term with thoughtful leadership and in line with the business's community values and culture. 


New Zephyr is committed to holding ourselves accountable to the highest professional standards, to our values, and to a large group of business stakeholders. Our reputation is an invaluable asset to us and one which we aim to maintain with continuing professionalism towards everyone we  deal with.  

Why Choose New Zephyr

I am entrepreneur. Therefore, my goals and motivations are different from a typical financial or strategic buyer. I am not seeking a quick profit or to add to a portfolio of companies for financial returns. I aim to acquire a business for myself and to build on your success to grow the business over the long term. 

I can also provide flexibility, transparency, and a smooth transaction that can only come from building a personal relationship of trust between us. I invite you to read through the Approach page to understand New Zephyr's transaction process. 

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